Theology & Mission

Theology and mission work hand in hand at the Cathedral.  Our inclusive and public approach to mission helps us to identify the missional needs of Greater Manchester and theological research, reflection and action helps us to respond to them in the name of the Triune God.  Our theological concerns are mostly in the realm of public theology, and we do this theological work in partnership with schools and universities, civic institutions and charities, and with other churches and other living faiths.

Under the leadership of the Dean, and working together with other departments in the Cathedral, we focus on the missional issues listed below, with the key internal and external partners given in brackets.

More information about the partner organisations, with key contact details, can be found elsewhere on this website. We always aim to tackle issues of common concern with other faith communities and community groups.  Many of the organisations listed above hold regular meetings and public supported by the Cathedral, which are open to all.

Through the work of the Canon for Theology and Mission, the Cathedral also promotes the work of other theological institutions in Greater Manchester, including Luther King House Opens in new window and the Nazarene Theological College Opens in new window and the Department of Religions and Theology of the University of Manchester Opens in new window .  The Canon for Theology and Mission is an Honorary Research Fellow of the University and will be co-supervising a collaborative PhD student who will be researching the Public Theology of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral hosts regular theological book launches with supporting lectures, an annual Wickham Theological Lecture and an annual lunchtime event featuring the annual Ferguson Lecturer at the University of Manchester.

The Cultural and Arts Strategy Group of the Cathedral guides the arts exhibition programme of the Cathedral and co-ordinates the Cathedral’s participation in wider Christian art projects across Greater Manchester through participation in the Confluence and Belonging projects.  The Group serves as reference and support group for the work of the Cathedral Artist in Residence, Stephen Raw, and the Cathedral Poet in Residence, Andrew Rudd.